Culture Kids is an interactive cultural centre for children (6-12 years) to go on learning journeys and discover the world. Every 4-6 months and with the support of the embassy, a new country is exposed for children to travel and discover the treasures of the world by using their senses of sight, taste, touch, smell and hearing.  

The objective of this cultural project is to broaden the horizons of our children; that by discovering and learning about cultural differences, we can enrich the bonds that connect us as human beings. Open-mindedness and respect for others are values that are transmitted through this experience.

The space is decorated and adapted to marvel children and stimulate their curiosity, with a reading corner, games and creative area, movement space as well as a fully-equipped kitchen for cooking workshops. In groups, they will learn, share, experience and move to the rhythm of the country that is exposed.

A typical visit goes as follows: The children are invited to participate in a presentation by a multi-lingual workshop leader and discover the country through multi-media, images, stories, questions and answers adapted to their age. After, they will participate in a workshop in order to stimulate active learning by doing, dancing, moving, cooking, or whatever else is proposed. The last part of the visit is composed of self-discovery of the space around them, a treasure box, dressing up, writing a postcard or exchanging with peers.

The different workshops concretely enable the children to learn by having fun in a dynamic and prepared multi-lingual environment adapted to their age group.

Let’s depart for a learning journey together!