Holiday camps

Fun-filled holiday camps with discovery themes. Here is the programme for the upcoming holiday camps:

Carnaval camp – Discover Vietnam 24th – 28th February

A journey to Vietnam… making dragon masks, origami figures, pottery and weaving. Nature walks in the nearby forest and cooking typical asian dishes. Fun learning with stories and legends in EN/FR

Easter camp – Imaginarium – 6th -10th April

A journey to boost creativity and imagination. Lots of arts, crafts and theatre. Discovering instruments and making music. Children (9-12years) will also have the unique opportunity of meeting a children’s author, discovering his new story and participating in the illustration of a book to be published.

Easter camp – Spring Celebration – 14th – 17th April

The planting season… Discovering seeds, herbs, flowers and plants. Creating a personal garden, Easter egg decoration and treasure hunt in the nearby forest.

Summer camp – Water World – 1st – 3rd July

Learning journey to the beach and the deep bue sea!
Knowledge, stories, music, arts and crafts about marine life and the beauties of the underwater world.

Summer camp – Animal planet – 6th – 10th July

The beauty of nature and animals. Knowledge, stories, music, arts and crafts about: birds, fish, insects and bugs, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Discovering the magic of the animal world. Outdoor fun, biking and picnic in the nearby forest.

Summer camp – Around the World – 13th – 17th July

A quick journey around the globe to the different continents. Knowledge, stories, arts and crafts about a continent each day: North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Antartica! Outdoor fun, biking and picnic in the nearby forest.

Summer camp – Our planet – 17th – 21st August

Caring for the environment, learning about climate, transport, energy. Ecological living and healthy eating. Some simple experiments and a lot of creative fun making a paper-mâché planet, art from recycled materials. A special veggie day and cooking healthy recipes. Outdoor fun, biking and picnic in the nearby forest.

Summer camp – Discover Tanzania – 24th -28th August

Discovering an African pearl… The Serengeti national park and the animals. Kilimandjaro, highest mountain in Africa, the tropical islands with marin life, coral reefs and whale sharks. Creative fun with beads and jewelry making, creating clay animals, painting on wood.  A taste of Africa in the kitchen. Outdoor fun, biking and picnic in the nearby forest.

General information:

All camps are immersive in FR/EN and include outings to the nearby forest.

Activities occur in 2 groups (3-5y and 6-12y)
Activities from 9am to 4pm
Childcare from 8:30am to 5pm

Price for whole week: 200€
Price for 1 day: 50€
All meals and snacks included.
10% discount for second child

For a “short week” the price is calculated at 40€/day.

Places are limited to 12 children per group.
To enroll please fill out the following form and indicate « holiday camp » and the dates (or theme) in the available fields.