Language lessons

Language classes

The classes are available for several groups with a native and experienced teacher. The minimum commitment is for a full school year. The students receive a workbook to support their learning, as well as doing interactive activities such as vocabulary games, role-plays, songs or games to put theory into practice.  Private lessons or higher level school support is possible on request.

4-5 years – Activities such as singing songs, playing games, telling stories, crafting and cooking, all in English or French.

Level A1 –  Beginners (from 6 years old) – Understanding use of simple everyday language, presenting themselves and developing vocabulary.

Level A2 –  Pre-intermediate level – can communicate in simple and routine tasks, exchanging information on familiar matters.

Level B1 – Intermediate level –  Can understand main points in written texts, deal with most situations and engage in conversation on many topics. Can give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.

When? See timetable for different languages.