Philosophy and art workshops

6 to 12 years – (in French or English)

A philosophy and art workshop is a way of connecting the heart, the body and the soul. The quest for truth and knowledge.

Do you want the children in your class to develop a critical and creative mind, self-trust, the art of listening and participating in a group? Then this is the perfect workshop for your students, and can take place right in your classroom.  Culture Kids has certified SEVE trainers who come to your school.

After a mindful introduction or short meditation to allow for better concentration, children take part in guided discussions on fundamental topics (chosen by the group or the workshop leader with different support materials) in a safe and respectful environment. These workshops develop self-expression, listening skills, mutual respect and collective thinking.  We recommend a minimum cycle of 6 workshops with the same class in order to observe a real positive effect.

The benefits of an openness to philosophy at a young age are proven to be life-changing and enriching.

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